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Shelley Littman Endowment Fund for Children






Shelley Littman made a difference in the lives of countless children.  She was a dedicated teacher for many years in the Farmington Hills school district, helping children with special needs. After the birth of her second son, Andrew,  she decided to start her own preschool, where she could assist with the early development of Andrew and continue her passion of working with children. When Andrew went to grade school, Shelley sold the preschool and opened a specialty toy shop in Birmingham, Adventures in Toys. 

At the age of 64, Shelley was diagnosed with brain cancer and passed away one year later, on May 10, 2004.  After her death, her husband, Robert, wanted to memorialize Shelley, keeping true to her lifelong passion of helping children. Having two sons, he realized how devastating the loss of a mother was for his own children and the challenges a family faces in moving forward.  It was in this spirit that he started the Shelley Littman Endowment Fund for Children to provide annual support the Friends Like Me (FLM) children’s art counseling program at Karmanos.

FLM  is a year round program that focuses on using art therapy to help children who have a parent, grandparent, sibling or other family member with cancer. The program is complimentary and combines art therapy with counseling, enabling children to express their emotions related to how their lives have been impacted by cancer. The program gives children a voice in their struggle with cancer in the family and a caring, supportive environment where they can communicate their feelings through art.

Friends Like Me helps children find comfort and hope as they navigate the impact of cancer in their young lives. We encourage you to add your support to Shelley’s fund and continue her legacy of helping children through the FLM program.

Please watch the video below for more information, or click the Donate Now button to contribute to the fund.



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