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Carl's Golfland's $500,000 Odyssey Putt Challenge raises funds for Karmanos’ Palliative Care Program


More than 200 participants attended the recent 14th Annual Carl's Golfland's $500,000 Odyssey Putt Challenge in Bloomfield Hills to support the Palliative Care Program at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute. This one-of-a-kind fundraiser helps generate awareness and support in the community, along with essential funds for Karmanos. An amazing $4,705 was raised from this year’s event!

The first annual Odyssey Putt Challenge was started by Neal Feldman of Carl’s Golfland as part of their 40th Anniversary celebration. The original Putt Challenge included a 40-foot putt to win $40,000. Since then, the event has progressed into a $500,000 challenge. This growth is due to the hard work and dedication of the employees at Carl’s Golfland, as well as the assistance of Brian Minbiole, a Callaway Golf representative.

The putting contest of today consists of five rounds. The first round is a 25-foot putt in which all participants have the opportunity to make a donation to Karmanos to buy their way closer to the hole in the attempt to make a putt. With each round, the putting distance is a little bit farther and the amount of qualifiers is less.

Every participant who took part in the event also received a prize package from Carl’s Golfland and Odyssey that grew bigger the further they advanced in the challenge. The final contestant was left to take a 60-foot shot at $500,000  - - $450,000 for themselves and $50,000 for the Karmanos Cancer Institute. The final putt didn't go in, but the winner went away with a $500 Carl’s gift card and other prizes.

Karmanos is grateful for the continued support of Carl’s Golfland, Brian Minbiole and all of the community members who help make this event such a huge success!

Anyone interested in attending next year’s Odyssey Putt Challenge can register for the event beginning in April 2014. For more information please call Carl’s Golfland at (248)335-8095.

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