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Dr. Morris Magnan receives Nightingale Award for Nursing Excellence

Morris Magnan, Ph.D., RN, clinical nurse specialist at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute has been selected to receive the Nightingale Award for Nursing Excellence in the category of Education and Research from Oakland University’s School of Nursing. For the past 26 years, Oakland University has recognized the hard-working, highly skilled and caring individuals who play such a vital role in our health care delivery system.

“It is a great honor to receive the Nightingale Award in the area of education and research,” said Dr. Magnan. “It is somewhat humbling to think that through this prestigious award my name gets linked to the name of Florence Nightingale – the founder of nursing in the Western world, the first nurse researcher, and a pioneer in the area of health care reform.”

Dr. Magnan will receive the award at a celebration on May 8, 2014 at the Mirage in Clinton Township. He is one of nine winners and 10 runners up who have been selected for awards in various categories. Dr. Magnan’s award in the Education and Research category is given to a professional nurse who demonstrates the creation of innovative educational activities or contributes to quality patient care through research.

Dr. Magnan’s focus on research and evidence-based practice impacts not only patients at Karmanos but also has the potential to impact patients worldwide. He was selected to serve as the U.S. representative on an international committee to write Global Guidelines for Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Management, working with others from Australia, Europe, and several Pan-Pacific countries.

Here at Karmanos, Dr. Magnan chairs the Nursing Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Research Committee.

“With his guidance, six evidence-based projects have been initiated and two research projects have been completed,” said Kay Carolin, MSA, BSN, RN, senior vice president of Ambulatory Care and Supportive Services at Karmanos Cancer Center, and a supporter of Dr. Magnan’s nomination.

Dr. Magnan serves as a research sounding board for other nurses conducting research and mentors them on research design. Thanks to his support, a group of staff nurses authored an article on best practices related to blood transfusion that has been accepted for publication; three poster abstracts submitted by Karmanos nurses that have been accepted for the 2014 Oncology Nursing Society congress; and an advanced practice nurse was awarded $10,000 in funding for an EBP in Radiation Oncology.
“Due in large part to Dr. Magnan, I have seen a significant increase in the number of nurses returning to school,” said Carolin. “All of them have reached out to him, asking his advice on school and educational focus.”

Dr. Magnan is the sixth Karmanos nurse to win a Nightingale Award for Nursing Excellence since 2002. Congratulations to Dr. Magnan for continuing this outstanding tradition!
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