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Help restore funding to MI's breast cancer screening program

This will take less than 15 minutes and could make an enormous impact! They meet Tuesday at 1:30. PLEASE CALL TODAY.

The MI House and Senate have passed their budgets and are now going to conference committee to work out a compromise. Members of the Community Health conference committee will meet on Tuesday at 11:30 and include:

Rep. Matt Lori - 517 373 0832
Rep. Rob VerHeulen - 517 373 8900
Rep. Rashida Tlaib - 517 373 0823
Sen. Vincent Gregory - 517 373 7888
Sen. John Moolenaar - 517 373 7946
Sen. Roger Kahn - 517 373 1760

In your call (or message), please include:
  • Your name
  • That you are a Karmanos Cancer Institute advocate
  • That you/the women you speak for are constituents
  • You urge Rep/ Senator XXXX to restore funding to MI's breast cancer screening program in conference committee
  • Elimination of the funds will have enormous impact on underserved women in the state, with over 8,000 being denied mammograms and other screening services that could save lives.
  • Add a personal point if you wish -- survivor, co-survivor, healthcare provider, etc.
Shouldn't we all have access to early detection?
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