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KCI honors inspirational individuals and organizations-Media Award

For media work that communicates important messages about breast cancer.

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Patricia A. Ellis, Director of Media Relations, Karmanos Cancer Institute, and Volunteer Media Chair, Susan G. Komen Detroit Race for the Cure®

Patricia Ellis

A tireless advocate, Patricia Ellis has built enduring relationships in the Detroit media market, ensuring that compelling and life-saving information is shared with metro Detroiters and beyond.

“I am truly humbled and honored to be recognized among the Heroes of Breast Cancer. Having lost my mom to breast cancer and knowing several other loved ones who have battled this disease and other cancers, I feel that each time I share someone’s story and help educate others about prevention, early detection and cancer breakthroughs, I’m honoring them. Everyone has a story and each life impacts another, sometimes in ways we may not always realize. I feel blessed and continue to be inspired by the many survivors, co-survivors and supporters who have trusted me to tell their amazing stories of strength, determination and gratitude; by my friends in the media who continue to listen and agree that this story of cancer survival, struggle and triumph is one that needs to be told again and again; by my fellow volunteers on the Susan G. Komen Detroit Race for the Cure Committee who are my extended family; by my colleagues at the Karmanos Cancer Institute and the exceptional physicians, researchers and medical staff whose steadfast persistence and commitment to eradicate cancer is helping to save lives every day; by my husband, family and friends who have supported me through the years so that I can do what I do – help tell the story by engaging the media and community in our mission to save lives; and lastly, by my parents, who both died of cancer, who by their example taught me to love and give with all my heart. They are my heroes. I gratefully accept this award in their memory. For in honoring me you are honoring them. Thank you.” – Patricia A. Ellis


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