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Karmanos’ nurse practitioner in Women’s Wellness Clinic receives Doctorate in Nursing Practice degree

Catherine Nichols, DNP, APRN, BC, nurse practitioner in Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute’s Women’s Wellness Clinic, has recently received her Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree from Madonna University.

Nichols, a Clawson resident, did her doctoral research on how DNPs are being utilized, accepted and understood within Michigan’s health care systems.

“This lead to my research initiative on the topic of the utilization of DNPs in Michigan’s public and teaching hospital systems,” she said. “I surveyed the chief nursing officers in our state’s hospital systems to provide answers to these questions. One of the major themes from this study was that many administrators do not know about the degree and role and are unaware of its value.”

Nichols said she will continue her work on this topic to disseminate the findings and to begin to educate not only health system administrators, but educative and nursing administrators as well. She has submitted her research study to the Journal of Nursing Administration and anticipates acceptance of publication. 

She also has been invited to present her research at the Michigan “DNP Roundtable” in Lansing in June. The roundtable will consist of the top DNPs and university administrators/educators from Michigan. Additionally, she has been accepted to present her research at the national DNP conference in Arizona in the fall.

Nichols joined Karmanos in 2010 and began work on her DNP degree a few months after that. She not only diagnoses breast cancer but also diagnoses and treats benign breast conditions. She works with cancer survivors in living a full and healthy life within what she describes as their “new normal.” She is also the only clinician on the Cancer Survivorship Committee at Karmanos and is working towards developing a designated survivorship program here at the Institute.

“I could not have achieved this degree without the support of Karmanos,” Nichols said. “I am very fortunate to be part of such an exceptional and supportive team.”

We congratulate Nichols on her professional achievement!


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