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Karmanos pharmacists receive advanced certification in pharmacy, oncology specialty practice

Esther Huang
Dhaval Patel
Two Karmanos pharmacists recently completed advanced certification requirements in pharmacy and oncology specialty practice.

Dhaval Patel, PharmD, Medication Safety and Quality Assurance pharmacist, has been granted Board Certified Oncology Pharmacist (BCOP) certification. This national certification demonstrates the oncology pharmacy specialist’s ability to recommend, design, implement, monitor and modify pharmacotherapeutic plans to optimize outcomes in cancer patients.  Dr. Patel completed his (PGY1) general pharmacy residency at Harper Hospital and his (PGY2) oncology pharmacy specialty residency here at Karmanos.  He has practiced for an additional year in oncology pharmacy prior to sitting for the board certification test.  

Our current PGY2 oncology pharmacy resident, Esther Huang, PharmD, completed her PGY1 residency at New York’s Beth Israel Hospital. She has been granted Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist (BCPS) certification.  A pharmacotherapy specialist has responsibility for ensuring the safe, appropriate and economical use of drugs in patient care.  Without advanced residency training, a pharmacist must minimally complete three years of practice experience in pharmacotherapy activities before sitting for BCPS certification. 

Currently, the Department of Pharmacy Service at Karmanos has three BCOP and three BCPS practitioners.  These high-caliber clinical pharmacy specialists and pharmacists are highly proactive in patient care and often function as a member of a multidisciplinary team and are frequently the primary source of drug information for other healthcare professionals.

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