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Karmanos researcher secures two-year grant from National Institutes of Health to study breast cancer

Malathy Shekhar, Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Oncology at Karmanos and Wayne State University School of Medicine (WSU SOM) has received a two-year grant (R21CA178117) from the National Institutes of Health worth $363,300 for her project, “Targeting Rad6 Postreplication DNA Repair in Treatment of Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

According to Dr. Shekhar’s research, there has been a shift in the United States in treating this particularly deadly form of breast cancer with platinum-based therapies, which work by causing DNA damage. The BRCA/FA and Rad6 DNA repair pathways, working together, play a critical role in repairing platinum-induced DNA damage. Consequently, elevated activities of these repair mechanisms contribute to tumor progression and therapy resistance.

Congratulations, Dr. Shekhar, on your grant!

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