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Karmanos researchers’ study profiled in online article about cancer-fighting properties of broccoli

Here’s another reason to eat your greens: Researchers, including those at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute, have found that a compound in broccoli, known as diindolylmethane (DIM), has been found to slow down the aging process, promote life extension and help fight cancer.

Karmanos scientists published a paper in January of this year, noting that DIM enhances the effectiveness of Herceptin, a common breast cancer chemotherapy treatment. A German study, just published, found that DIM slows down the aging process and lengthens life.

Other articles about DIM have been published since 2001, showing how just one serving of vegetables in the Brassica family (which includes broccoli) per week can decrease a woman’s risk of breast cancer by 40 percent and that men, by consuming these sorts of cruciferous vegetables just once a week, can reduce their risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer by up to 52 percent.

Other published research shows that DIM can synergize with Taxol, another chemotherapy drug, significantly enhancing its effectiveness.

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