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Governor Snyder salutes Dr. Littrup and SoftVue/Delphinus team at State of the State address

Congratulations Dr. Littrup and SoftVue/Delphinus Team

Dr. Peter Littrup

Congratulations to Dr. Peter Littrup for being recognized last night by Governor Rick Snyder at his State of the State address and the entire SoftVue/Delphinus team (formerly known as CURE) for their outstanding, innovative accomplishments. Here's what Governor Snyder said.

"Now behind every company, of course, are the innovative people. They are the ones who pour out their talent, their heart, their dreams and goals in pursuit of new endeavors.

"We are fortunate to have some outstanding examples of successful entrepreneurs with us this evening. I am pleased to start with Dr. Peter Littrup, founder of Delphinus Medical Technologies. Delphinus is a successful medical device company in Wayne County. It’s a spinout of Karmanos Cancer Institute. It is now building three-dimensional ultrasound imaging devices to help with breast cancer. It uses a comfortable and reliable new technology. The company’s an incubator tenant at the Michigan Life Sciences and Innovation Center. This company takes great pride in its life-saving work. It’s a great illustration of a Michigan home grown business at its best. We’re honored to have Dr. Littrup here with us tonight. Please join me in showing Dr. Littrup the appreciation he deserves."

While Dr. Littrup attended the speech to represent Delphinus, we also congratulate the entire team including Neb Duric, Ph.D., and Bill Greenway. Dr. Littrup and Dr. Duric are key co-inventors of the ultrasound tomography technology (UST). Dr. Littrup designed the ultrasound clinical studies and Dr. Duric is the project director of UST. Bill Greenway is the CEO of Delphinus. This innovative breast cancer screening tool was created at the Karmanos Cancer Institute and has undergone rigorous research and development over the past 10 years.

Bill Greenway

Neb Duric, Ph.D.

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