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National Radiologic Technologist Week Runs through Nov. 10

Recognizing Outstanding Service from Our Radiation and Radiology Teams
Providing patients with safe medical imaging examinations and excellent patient care is the prime goal for the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Center’s radiologic technologists. As a result, Karmanos once again is proud to recognize RTs during National Radiologic Technologist Week, November 4-10.

 “As radiologic technologists, our goal is to provide patients with outstanding and safe care,” said Karmanos’ Imaging Director John Micallef, M.H.A., R.T.(R). “In addition to closely working with patients during medical imaging exams, qualified RTs can help protect patients from unnecessary medical radiation. With the spotlight on medical imaging, we believe Karmanos Cancer Center’s commitment to capturing quality medical images in order to help diagnose diseases highlights our dedication to minimizing medical radiation dose.”
Staffed by more than 30 employees, the Karmanos Cancer Center’s Radiology Department performs more than 50,000 procedures annually. Many of the RTs have worked for the hospital for many years and have witnessed the recent growth of the department and rapid advances in imaging technology. These technologists work with some of the most innovative equipment in the medical field to help identify pathologies, plan and administer treatment and restore patient health. Karmanos RTs specialize in breast imaging, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and ultrasound. 
“Taking care of our patients and ensuring they receive the lowest radiation dose possible during imaging and radiation therapy is the primary goal of every radiation therapist at Karmanos,” said Mara Jelich, executive director, Radiation Oncology. “I’m very proud of all our Karmanos RTs and the outstanding work they do for our patients.”
“We are extremely proud of the Radiology staff and continue to provide a model of compassionate and complete customer service for all our Karmanos patients,” said Sharon Helmer, M.D., chief of Radiology at Karmanos, “and we look forward to the continued expansion of our Radiology services here at Karmanos.”
Below is the list of KCC RTs at the Karmanos Cancer Center:
Lisa Abele
Olereh Atogwe
Toni Benson-Williams
Melissa Blucher
Jacqueline Broadnax
Klaudia Chrapek
Leana Deluca
Dave DeSano
Meghan Donaldson
Patricia Dunn
Joan Dwyer
Lucinda Fitts
Kurt Frederick
Terresa Gilin
Jeannetta Greer
Laurie Hammitte
Rana Hamoud
Leontyne Hester-Holmes
Kim Hollis
Martha Humphrey
Jennifer Hurt
Kristin Iannotti
Teresa Jablynski
Eurachia Jackson
Treneice Jackson
Mara Jelich
Rana Kallabat
Melanie Komajda
Valorie Lamb
Marco Lanni
Andrew Martin
Kathryn Mathews
John Micallef
Melissa Moceri
Jackie Morabito
Chris Nagle
Michele Ochalek
Kathleen Parker
Tracey Pearce
Essam Qasim
Barbara Ramirez-Sanchez
Toni Rivers-Ulmer
Deanna Rogowski
Donna Roussey
Leola Ruffin 
Stephen Stetu
Kari Suave
Tanya Schultz
Alicia Spiller
Sean Sullivan
Jamie Taylor 
Ashley Tomasek 
Marni Whitton
Sandy Ziaja
Piotr Zieba

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