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Tips for Tatas

Granite City Food and Brewery, Troy

It’s not often that you see a brewery covered in pink boas, a city mayor serving up Long Islands, or a live auction taking place during the dinner rush. For one very special day at Granite City Food and Brewery in Troy, Tips for Tatas took over the dining rooms, the bar, and even the parking lot. The staff at the Brewery chose to donate their tips for the entire day to breast cancer research at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute.

Some servers worked double shifts to increase the amount of their donation. The general manager waited tables. The mayor of Troy tended the bar, and the band Cosmic Groove donated their musical services for the day. Although there was a slight drizzle, restaurant patrons donated money and purchased raffle tickets at an outdoor raffle. Prize donations came from local salons, stores, ice cream shops and more.

Through all of their generous efforts, the restaurant staff was able to raise $3,167!


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