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Young woman shaves head, raises support to donate $5,000 to Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute

Michelle Harlow gets ready to have her head shaved to support Karmanos and Wigs 4 Kids. 
Michelle Harlow, 23, of Livonia, shaved her head to raise funds for Karmanos and Wigs 4 Kids. She donated her hair to Wigs 4 Kids and donated $5,000 to Karmanos.  

Michelle Harlow, 23, of Livonia spent six years growing out her golden locks only to have them completely snipped off to benefit the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute and Wigs 4 Kids. 

Harlow held her ‘Bald for Bidigare’ event recently at the Wigs 4 Kids facility in St. Clair Shores. She donated all her shorn tresses to the organization that creates wigs for children who have lost their hair to cancer or for other health-related reasons and donated approximately $5,000 in sponsorship money to Karmanos. Half of the proceeds will benefit Karmanos’ research programs and the other half will be allocated to the Jessie Bernard Restricted Fund, also at Karmanos. The fund is designated to help families with financial assistance for expenses like transportation (gas cards, bus passes), groceries and utility bills. 

The event is named after her late grandmother, Anne Bidigare, who passed away from breast cancer in 2005.

Harlow solicited sponsorships through her neighbors, church congregations and by getting the word out through the media.

“Michelle is a true inspiration to us all and is helping so many with this loving tribute to her grandmother,” said Nick Karmanos, senior vice president of Institutional Relations at Karmanos. “We thank Michelle Harlow and commend her for her efforts on behalf of our cancer patients.”

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