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Oakland Christian Schools Raises funds for Lemon Drops for Patients

The children of Oakland Christian Schools have come together for two consecutive years to bring comfort to our patients in the form of a yellow hard candy— a lemon drop. Although seemingly simple, the candy, can be very soothing and satisfying to patients undergoing rigorous cancer treatment.

Lead by JoAnne McMurray, the "Lemon Drop Lady" and Marge Ales, Food Service Director at OCS, the kids of OCS have been able to raise enough money to provide Karmanos patients with over 50 pounds of lemon drop candies each month!

Joanne, a 10+ year cancer survivor, started the fundraiser with her sister Marge in an effort to provide cancer patients with the joy that she got from eating lemon drops during her treatment. According to Joanne, Lemon Drops helped her reduce nausea, as well as eliminate the "metallic" taste and dry-mouth that she experienced during treatment.

Money from this fundraiser was raised through Jean Days at the school and corresponding donations from the students, friends, and family. Thanks to the generous efforts of Oakland Christian School’s students and faculty, and Joanne the "Lemon Drop Lady", the patients at Karmanos are able to enjoy lemon drops all throughout the year!

For more information, please contact Marge Ales at or Oakland Christian Schools at 248.373.2700.

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