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Wayne State students lose hair to benefit Karmanos' myeloma program

Wayne State Medical Students buzzed their hair off or gave their tresses a burgundy streak earlier this week to benefit Karmanos’ multiple myeloma research program. The annual Buzz-It-For-Boards event raised $2,000 for the program.
The Class of 2013 Student Senate of Wayne State University School of Medicine (WSU SOM) presented the event at the Margherio Conference Center.
Jeffrey Zonder, M.D., clinical research team leader in the Multiple Myeloma Program at Karmanos, and multiple myeloma patient Lawrence Rushlow of Wyandotte spoke at the event. Rushlow was accompanied by his wife, Jean, at the event. He was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2000 and is a patient of Dr. Zonder.
Buzz-It-For-Boards is an annual tradition where medical students in their second-year class are encouraged to shave -- or ‘buzz’ -- off the hair on their head in an effort to raise money for a local charity that supports cancer patients or research.
Students donated their hair, grew a beard to shave off or dyed their hair burgundy in honor of multiple myeloma awareness.
 We thank the Wayne State University Medical Students for their dedication is helping our multiple myeloma patients!
From left: Jean Rushlow and Lawrence Rushlow, of Wyandotte, and Lawrence's doctor, Jeffrey Zonder, M.D.

 Wayne State University second-year medical student Mark Morris gets his hair buzzed off by Adrienne Looper, a stylist with Curl Up & Dye Salon. 
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