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Video Library - Karmanos Melanoma Patient finds Hope in Clinical Trial

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Melanoma Clinical Trial


WDIV Local 4 Health Reporter Dr. Frank McGeorge shares the story of Heidi Gross, a pharmacist from Midland, Mich., who had no idea that the lump on her leg was metastatic melanoma. She ended up coming to the Karmanos Cancer Center to be treated. Her oncologist Lawrence Flaherty, M.D., leader of Karmanos’ Melanoma Multidisciplinary Team, and medical director of the Clinical Trials Office, recommended that Heidi go on a Phase 1 clinical trial. Heidi was hesitant. Dr. Flaherty explained that clinical trials can be a life-saving option. He said, “Clinical trials are the engine for progress in the cancer world.” Heidi has been on the clinical trial for about 18 months and is doing well. Now that Heidi has a better understanding of clinical trials, she said, “Life is too short not to try. Clinical trials is something I would recommend to others now. There is hope, and that’s what I would like to convey to others.”

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