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The Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute is recognized by several prestigious organizations

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) first designated the Barbara Ann Cancer Institute as a comprehensive cancer center in 1978, when the institute was called the Cancer Center of Metropolitan Detroit.

What does this designation mean?

This designation is awarded to only 41 cancer centers throughout the country, and Karmanos is only one of two cancer centers with this designation in Michigan.

In order to be designated as a comprehensive cancer center by the NCI, a hospital must

  • Demonstrate expertise in these areas: research, laboratory, clinical, and behavioral and population-based research;
  • Initiate and conduct early-phase, innovative clinical trials and participate in the NCI’s cooperative groups by providing leadership and recruiting patients for trials; and
  • Conduct activities in outreach and education and provide information on advances in health care for health care professionals and the public.

NCI-designated cancer centers are characterized by scientific excellence and the capability to integrate a diversity of research approaches to focus on the problem of cancer. They play a vital role in advancing towards our goal of reducing morbidity and mortality from cancer. Learn more about the National Cancer Institute at

The Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute is a member of the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer

What does it mean to be a member?

Membership signifies that the Institute has met this group’s rigorous standards for:

  • Quality of cancer care
  • Comprehensive care offering a range of state-of-the-art services and equipment
  • A multispecialty team approach to coordinating the best treatment options available to patients
  • Information about cancer clinical trials, education and support
  • Lifelong patient follow-up through a cancer registry that collects data on type and stage of cancers and treatment results
  • Ongoing monitoring and improvement of care
The American College of Surgeons’ Commission on Cancer is a consortium of professional organizations dedicated to reducing the morbidity and mortality of cancer through education, standard-setting, and the monitoring of quality care.

The Barabra Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute is a member of the Michigan Cancer Consortium.

The MCC is a statewide, broad-based partnership that strives to include all interested public and private organizations and provides a forum for collaboration to reduce the burden of cancer among the citizens of Michigan by achieving the Consortium's research-based and results-oriented cancer prevention and control priorities. For more information visit the MCC website

Goals of Consortium and its members:

  • Reduce the breast cancer death rate in Michigan.
  • Increase availability of cancer-related genetic information to the Michigan public and decrease barriers to risk-appropriate services.
  • Improve the quality of life for cancer survivors in Michigan.
  • Reduce the cervical cancer death rate in Michigan by 30 percent.
  • Improve the quality of life for childhood cancer survivors in Michigan.
  • By 2015, increase to 75 percent the proportion of average-risk people in Michigan who report having received appropriate colorectal cancer screening and follow-up of abnormal screening results.
  • By 2015, prevent and reduce avoidable suffering up to, and during, the last phase of life for persons with cancer by specified data markers.
  • Improve education about environmental/ occupational exposures and cancer risk in Michigan.
  • Increase the number of Michigan residents who adopt a healthy lifestyle by improving their knowledge, motivation and opportunity to adopt a healthy nutritional regimen and obtain adequate physical activity levels to maintain good health.
  • Improve understanding of, and access to, genetic counseling services for women who may be at high risk for developing ovarian cancer.
  • Make available prostate cancer symptom management materials for providers, survivors and families.
  • Reduce melanoma cancer death rates in Michigan.
  • Promote tobacco addiction treatment (cessation) among adults and youth.
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The Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Center is accredited by The Joint Commission.
If members of the public have any quality-of-care or safety concerns, they may notify The Joint Commission at 630-792-5800.