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The Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute offers a unique treatment for fighting cancer. Karmanos Cancer Institute is the only cancer center in the nation that offers bispecific antibody-targeted T cell immunotherapy. Antibody-targeted cellular immunotherapy is a treatment that combines cell-based and antibody-based therapy to help " clean up" remaining cancerous cells after the patient has gone through chemotherapy. T cells, or a type of white blood cell is collected from the patient and processed in a laboratory. After processing, the T cells are put back into the patient through an IV. After processing, the T cells are targeted to the tumor cells and will kill them when they come in contact with them. Thus, the patient is using their own immune system to fight cancer and possibly lessen the chances of cancer relapse. This type of therapy is currently under investigation for the treatment of breast cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and multiple myeloma.

Your donations will be used to help support immunotherapy research at Karmanos Cancer Institute and to help treat patients who would otherwise be unable to afford antibody-targeted T cell immunotherapy.

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Your contribution will help advance the Institute’s leadership in cancer research and improve treatment therapies for patients fighting cancer. By joining together as a community we can bring cancer under control and save lives.

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