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Counseling Services

We inspire the hope that can only be provided by a passionate, caring, expert team, giving each patient the best chance for success.

Supportive counseling services promote and enhance the quality of life of our patients, families and friends by focusing on their medical condition, as well as their emotional needs. All Karmanos patients, family members and friends have access to these services. 

Counseling Services at Karmanos 

  • Psychological  Counseling - mental health support to help patients and families cope and reduce stress during this emotional time
  • Nutritional Counseling - nutritional support to help patients eat healthy during treatment to ensure greater success
  • Genetic Counseling - helping patients and families understand their cancer risk and ways to reduce risk through lifestyle modification

For more information about counseling services please contact us 1-800 KARMANOS (800-527-6266)

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