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Physician Details

Amy Weise

Amy Weise D.O.

  • Gender
  • Female
  • Multidisciplinary Team(s)
  • Head & Neck Oncology
    Thoracic Oncology
  • Department/Research Program(s)
  • Dept of Oncology
  • Cancer Type(s)
  • Hypopharynx (pyriform Sinus)
    Laryngeal Cancer
    Lip/Oral Cavity (hard palate
    Lung Cancer (Small Cell & Non-Small Cell)
    Merkel Cell Carcinoma
    Neck Cancer
    Nose Cancer
    Oral Cavity Cancer (Mouth)
    Oropharynx (soft palate
    Sinus Cancer
    Skin Cancer (Basal & Squamous Cell)
    Throat Cancer
    Thymus Gland Cancer
    Thyroid Cancer
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