Behavioral and Field Science Core

Behavioral and Field Science Core

Mission of the Core

The Behavioral and Field Research Core (BFRC) is designed to facilitate the integration of communication and behavioral research across Karmanos Cancer Institute's Scientific Programs and Karmanos Network Sites. The BFRC provides services essential to the successful implementation of communication and behavioral studies. The BFRC’s staff offers expertise in behavioral research methodologies and design and evaluation of evidence-based social and behavioral interventions with a particular emphasis on health disparities.

The Behavioral and Field Research Core is supported, in part, by NIH Center grant P30 CA022453 to the Karmanos Cancer Institute at Wayne State University.

Core Services Available 

The BFRC offers a wide range of reseach services and expertise in behavioral research methodologies and comprehensive services spanning the continuum of research beginning with early stage planning and development through dissemination. The BFRC implementation services in quantitative and qualitative data collection methods and techniques, such as survey development, focus group moderation, participant interviewing, in-person and internet-based data collection and survey maintenance via online survey resources (e.g., Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, RedCap). Additional services include:

  • Expertise in behavioral research study design and evaluation of evidence-based social and behavioral interventions and facilitate referral to appropriate Karmanos faculty as needed.
  • Expertise and service in regulatory preparation and submission for behavioral research studies.
  • Expertise and service in behavioral research study implementation including recruitment, consent, data collection, and retention of study participants.
  • Expertise and maintenance state-of-the-art advanced equipment needed to support and expand the Medical Interaction Research Archive (MIRA). MIRA is a secure data archive consisting of video-recorded clinical interactions, physician, patient, and companion self-report data, and observational data (e.g., coding of patient-centered communication, patient and companion activation).
  • Collaboration and consultation for publications and preparation of grant proposals.


The BFRC continues to maintain and operate uniquely designed video-recording systems (both fixed and mobile cameras) and audio systems essential to collect real-time video/audio capture of patient-physician interactions in the Karmanos Wertz Clinic, Walt Clinic, Radiation Oncology Clinic, Weisberg Clinic, and at sites throughout the Karmanos Network. The BFRC’s editing studio uses a full range of professional video-editing functions for capturing and importing source clips, cropping and synchronizing video, adding transitions, mixing audio, applying effects, and exporting edited videos for coding and analysis. The secure dedicated Mac server provides the ability to access the Medical Interaction Research Archive (MIRA) only on approved systems.

    Behavioral and Field Science Core Selected Publications

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    Felicity Harper, Ph.D.
    Scientific Director, Behavior and Field Research Core

    Tanina Foster Moore, Ph.D.
    Director, Behavioral and Field Research Core  

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