Karmanos Cancer Institute Cancer Action Council

Karmanos Cancer Institute Cancer Action Council

Karmanos Cancer Institute Cancer Action Council members:

Brenda Boyd
An educator, optimistic, hardworking, single mother with goals to make good things happen.
M.S. Nursing, Breast Cancer Specialist Certification
Vision to help develop a research project that can be put into practice for all stakeholders involved in medicine and health.
Current Affiliations: KCI Young Living Associate and Nurse Practice Council Volunteer for Susan G. Komen Medical Team (8+ Years)

Brenda Chambers Threatt

9 Year Breast Cancer Survivor
Married mother of 3 and grandmother of 1
B.S. Bowling Green State University in Accounting M.B.A. University of Toledo in Accounting
Vision to spread word about prevention, detection and treatment of cancer within the community.
Current Affiliations:· First Baptist Church of Detroit, National Congress of Black Women

Brenda Zabaroni

Christina Zuniga

Henry Ford Community College
Vision to become an outreach specialist for all cancer patients from the time of diagnosis through therapy and follow-up.
Current Affiliations: Karmanos Cancer Institute Employee, LA ZED for the Hispanic population, Holy Redeemer Catholic Church

Edward Conner Jr.

Vision to provide research and awareness about cancer to community partners by promoting wellness & longevity to create substantive changes in the community through education and action.
Current Affiliations: Boys 2 Books Program literacy & mentoring for males, Osborn Business Association community-based business organization that aims to stimulate economic growth & development

Gretta Gatzke-Delabbio

Mother is a Breast Cancer Survivor
Lifelong devotion to making a difference in people’s lives, instilled values of compassion to give back to the community. Nurse that has facilitated cancer infusion treatments. B.S. Nursing Lake Superior State University (1986)
Vision to create a manifesto and vision that will effectuate a compassion plan to explore ways for improved delivery of health care to those in need.
Current Affiliations: IMCO Homecare-Advisory Board of Directors, Detroit Chapter for IV Nursing Hurley Hospital Teen Heart Check Screening, Chris 4 Life & Colon Cancer Alliance Fundraising Lake Shannon Water Ski Club, John Catholic Church, Fenton, MI

Kayla Clermont

CT Technologist at Karmanos Cancer Institute providing care for cancer patients, survivors and their family and friends
B.S. Radiologic Technology Wayne State University
Vision to help better serve the community affected by cancer with a passion to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients, survivors, family and friends with loved ones affected by this disease.
Current Affiliations: Vice President of Minds Matter Detroit-3-year program to help underprivileged Detroit students gain admission into top universities through academics, soft-skills coaching, mentoring and summer program opportunities

Linda Huff

Masters in Organizational Leadership
Vision to help map and expand existing research studies, services and programs, assist in implementation of new programs to support patients and their families from diagnosis through survivorship.
Current Affiliations: Greater Detroit Area Health Council, HFHS Interfaith Health Coalition, SSHMS Faith Initiative, BCBSM Blue’s Challenge Health & Wellness

Megan Landry

American Cancer Society Hospital Systems Representative
Bachelor’s Degree Western Michigan University
Vision to determine the needs of cancer patients and caregivers in Detroit to come up with a tangible way to assess those needs.
Current Affiliations: Sisters of Mercy-linked to several community organizations

Megan Wyse

Passion for science & cancer research
Karmanos Cancer Institute Phase 1 Clinical Trials Department Employee
Biology tutor B.S. Molecular Biology & Chemistry Ohio Northern University
Ph.D. Cancer Biology & Biochemistry University of Toledo
Vision to help share knowledge, resources and research with the Greater Detroit Area, while inspiring to bring hope to those in need.

Shoma Pal

Marketing consultant for a physical therapy clinic
Lead for corporate community health initiatives targeting low-income youth related to domestic violence, tobacco prevention, obesity
Strategist for health care access for uninsured by leading outreach and policy groups B.S. Psychology University of Michigan M.P.H. Epidemiology University of Michigan M.B.A. Marketing Research Michigan State University
Vision to mitigate the gaps that exist for access to providers, health care, social and financial support and information as it relates to cancer in SE Michigan specifically to lend a voice to caregivers and SE Asians.
Current Affiliations: Board Chair for Wayne County Sexual Assault Forensic Examiners Program (WC SAFE) provide rape survivors support, counseling and advocacy for sexual assault victims at no cost. BICHITRA Principal Endower-fundraising for charities in India, Bangladesh, SE Michigan

Yolanda Clay