Karmanos Cancer Institute

TomoTherapy HI-ART® System

This technology allows physicians to deliver a more precise and powerful dose of radiation to a tumor, while avoiding critical structures and healthy tissue. The TomoTherapy system produces a better radiotherapy plan quality than traditional Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy systems for large or irregularly shaped tumors. This means less radiation dosage to normal tissue. In addition, TomoTherapy allows the physician to visualize the target and normal tissue structures prior to the delivery of each treatment session.

tomotherapy system

How does it differ from traditional radiation therapies?

The TomoTherapy HI-ART® System provides 3-D CT imaging immediately prior to each treatment, in order to verify the exact location of a patient’s tumor. This is important because the tumor may have grown or shrunk between treatments, or there may have been internal motion that pushed the tumor out of the way. 

With this system, Karmanos physicians can locate the tumor before each treatment – sometimes during the treatment – and adjust the radiation beams accordingly. Once the tumor is located, the system delivers precise doses of Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) from a spiral pattern around the patient, targeting the tumor from multiple angles. 

Patient Benefits

  • CT scan verifies tumor’s exact location before each radiation treatment
  • Radiation more targeted and accurate
  • Large range of treatment capability from single small tumors to large, irregularly shaped and/or multiple tumors
  • Spares more healthy tissue and organs at risk by better conforming the radiation dose to the targeted tumor. 

Cancers Treated 

TomoTherapy can be used on any cancer disease site treated with radiation therapy.