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Music for Myeloma

Music for Myeloma

Music For MyelomaNineteen-year-old “Izzy” Wallace of Washington will host a second charity event on Sunday July 28, 2019 to raise awareness for Myeloma, a blood cancer found in bone marrow. As the 2019 Romeo Peach Queen of Michigan, Izzy, along with Runner-Up Brittany Ladson, have chosen cancer research as their platform. Motivated by a family friend’s story and deeply committed to public awareness, Izzy will show the “Music for Myeloma” documentary film, perform “Grace’s Song,” and has invited local musical talents to join in an evening of fun, food and music. Funds raised will benefit the Karmanos Cancer Institute.

This charity event is one you won’t want to miss because it was born from the heart of a 19-year-old out of love for a local family. When Izzy’s friend was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, she was devastated. Izzy had formed special bonds with the family’s children, as well as the parents, and she knew the significant impact the diagnosis would have on everyone involved. Izzy decided she needed to do something to help. She wrote a song titled “Grace’s Song,” for the young daughter, Grace. Izzy then reached out to oncologists, Drs. Carol Rapson and Anthony Brandau, as well as Dr. Deol from the Karmanos Cancer Institute of Detroit to assist her in creating her “Music for Myeloma” documentary film.

The film and song will be presented at the event. The money from downloads of the song will go to the Karmanos Cancer Institute.

The musical lineup will include Izzy, JonPaul, and Rocky with additional special guests.

To become a sponsor or donate to this event, please email music4myeloma@gmail.com.

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