Genetic counseling now offered at Karmanos’ northern Ohio cancer center

The Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute now offers genetic counseling services at the Karmanos Cancer Institute at The Toledo Clinic Cancer Center in Maumee, Ohio.

Karmanos’ genetic counseling clinic in Maumee is a virtual clinic where patients can meet with a counselor via video chat, similar to the other Karmanos genetic counseling clinics offered to patients throughout the Karmanos Cancer Network. Expanding these services to the location in Maumee gives patients and families at this location access to genetic counseling and testing.

“It’s exciting to think that our ‘family tree’ is growing and expanding,” said Nancie Petrucelli, MS, LCGC, director and senior genetic counselor at Karmanos. “We hope this expansion allows us to identify more patients and families genetically prone to developing certain cancers. Understanding the risk for inherited cancer allows patients to become proactive and target those cancers through enhanced screening and prevention strategies, which ultimately could save their life.”

In addition to adding this service in Maumee, the genetic counseling service anchored in Detroit is also offered to patients at Karmanos’ Farmington Hills clinic, as well as select McLaren Health Care locations in Bay City, Flint, Lansing, Mount Clemens, Port Huron and Petoskey.

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