Special Funds

Special Funds

Thomas V. Angott Memorial Fund

In his 40 years as an active Karmanos Cancer Institute board member, Mr. Thomas V. Angott, Sr. was always concerned for the comfort and care of the Institute’s patients. With this in mind, the Thomas V. Angott, Sr. Memorial Fund was created to perpetuate his work and to honor his wish for the best possible care for every patient who comes to the Institute.

COVID-19 Patient Impact Fund

A contribution to Karmanos’ COVID-19 Patient Impact Fund supports the critical needs for our frontline staff who are continuing to provide compassionate care to cancer patients while navigating both cancer and COVID-19. Cancer hasn’t stopped impacting those we love, so we will continue working towards providing the best outcomes for our patients.

Brown Family Cancer Research Fund

Wife and Brown family matriarch Marcia, underwent a successful bone marrow transplant for leukemia and became cancer free. Less than a year later, the cure took her life as she succumbed to the effects of Graft versus Host Disease (GVHD). GVHD occurs after a bone marrow or stem cell transplant when the donated cells (the graft) attack the patient’s normal cells (the host). Despite her multiple recurrences of cancer, Marcia did not just think of herself but of other family and friends and wanted to see the suffering from cancer end. For this reason, the Brown Family Cancer Research Fund was established to provide philanthropic support for research at Karmanos and help future cancer patients.

Leah A. Davidson Endowment

The Leah A. Davidson Endowment supports the Healing Arts Program at the Karmanos’ Lawrence & Idell Weisberg Cancer Center in Farmington Hills. More than 3,300 cancer patients each year have the opportunity to learn and experience the peaceful practices of meditation, Reiki, massage, yoga and tai chi workshops.

Please consider making a gift to the Leah A. Davidson Endowment and Leah’s legacy by helping to provide important, transformative coping and calming skills for cancer patients as they face a very stressful and scary time in their lives.

Micheline Wentworth Fund for Ovarian Cancer Research

Micheline Wentworth courageously fought ovarian cancer for over three years. Unfortunately, and all too common with ovarian cancer, Micheline’s cancer was found too late. Her disease had evaded detection and had progressed to the point where a cure was not possible. It was her wish that we continue the fight until a cure for ovarian cancer was found.

In her last days, she established the Micheline Wentworth Fund for Ovarian Cancer Research at Karmanos. It was Micheline who made the first donation to the fund.

Wall of Hope

Making a tribute gift is a heartfelt way to honor and remember a loved one, friend, colleague or a special caregiver. The Wall of Hope is a naming opportunity specifically designed to recognize a meaningful tribute while supporting the Karmanos Cancer Institute’s mission in providing advanced cancer care and saving lives.

Young Adult Cancer Fund

Karmanos Cancer Institute's Young Adult Cancer Fund was made possible by a generous donation from the Eggly, Hertza and Murphy families. These families, who have experienced the impact of cancer in young adults, recognize the importance of assistance specific to this age group.

Young adults (ages 21-45) facing a cancer diagnosis have unique challenges that are not often supported by traditional cancer funds. The Young Adult Cancer Fund exists to provide the extra support young adults may need to relieve stress and focus on their family and their health during cancer treatment. This fund, supported by the Karmanos social work team, provides assistance for non-medical costs such as transportation, gas, groceries, utilities, phone bills, house payments and auto repairs.

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