The Dr. Jeff Forman Third Transplantiversary Fundraiser

The Dr. Jeff Forman Third Transplantiversary Fundraiser

The Dr. Jeff Forman Third Transplantiversary Fundraiser was established to help support research on a new treatment to be tested exclusively at Karmanos to counteract the effects of Graft versus Host Disease. GVHD occurs after a bone marrow or stem cell transplant when the donated cells (the graft) attack the patient’s normal cells (the host). It is a serious and potentially life-threatening problem that impacts up to 50% of patients undergoing transplantation. Chronic GVHD can range from mild to severe and can be long-lasting and debilitating. It affects almost 20,000 patients a year in the United States.

In recounting his own stem cell transplant experience, Dr. Forman shared “Although I came close to dying in the aftermath of my transplant (see video below), I was so fortunate to have survived due to the excellent care I received. Unfortunately, many patients, including some of my close friends, do not survive due to complications of their transplants caused by graft versus host disease (GVHD). As a consequence, I have become a passionate advocate of working to reduce the consequences of GVHD on patients undergoing transplantation. It is for this reason that I am using the occasion of my third “transplantiversary” to raise funds to support research into preventing and treating GVHD."

Your donation will allow for testing of a new treatment for GVHD at the Karmanos Cancer Institute under the guidance of Joseph Uberti, M.D., Ph.D, co-leader of the Bone Marrow & Stem Cell Transplant Multidisciplinary Team. Our hope is to give transplant patients their best chance for recovery.

The first $30,000 of your contributions will be matched by the Brown Family Research Fund in memory of Marcia Brown, who died of complications of GVHD after a stem cell transplant. The goal is to raise a total of $100,000 to support Dr. Uberti’s life-saving research.

Dr. Forman will be fondly remembered for his generosity, smile and passion. To donate in tribute of Dr. Forman, please click the button below.

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