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Cancer. It’s the word that changes everything, for patients and those who love them. A diagnosis doesn’t have to be the end of your story; it can be the beginning of a new chapter. And the direction it takes is a responsibility we share, together.

Screenings and Prevention.

Many forms of cancer do not display symptoms at their onset, so screening tests are used to monitor for warning signs. At Karmanos, we offer cancer screenings, including:

  • Mammograms
  • Lung Cancer Screening
  • Pap and HPV Tests
  • Colonoscopy/Cologuard
  • Genetic Counseling

A referral is not needed for a screening at Karmanos. Patients who participate in the Screening and Prevention Program at Karmanos receive unmatched attention from a specialized team of experts. If your screening results show signs of cancer, you can take comfort in knowing that you're in expert hands at one of the nation's top cancer centers.

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A Specialized Team of Experts

Leading the fight against cancer

We understand that cancer is a complex disease that demands complex care. We provide each patient with a dynamic, carefully constructed treatment plan focused on their specific cancer and their unique needs. Leading the fight against cancer

Karmanos offers 15 multidisciplinary teams, each designed and staffed specifically to ensure that patients and their families get their cancer diagnosis and treatment right the first time. Each team consists of cancer specialists who have devoted their careers to fighting the very cancer with which patients are confronted.

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A Second Opinion Could Be Your First Choice

We know the importance of taking control of your health and knowing what the best treatment option is for you and your journey. The scientific advances Karmanos researchers make daily help determine treatment options and guide treatment courses for each individual patient. We’re at the forefront of offering treatments that define the new standards of care. Thanks to our research programs, which are unique to Karmanos, we are bringing safe, effective and groundbreaking treatments from the laboratory bench to the patient’s bedside. In fact, Karmanos offers more cancer treatments not found elsewhere in Michigan.

Knowledge is power when it comes to advocating for your health, schedule an appointment with us today.

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Patient Stories

Michael Dudley


“I’ve got a great future ahead of me with a heavy dose of the good life.”  

Catherine Loss


"It's like you are not in this yourself. It's like they're on this journey with you."

John Raithel


I had the support of a three-legged stool: a hopeful attitude, my wife and family, and the exceptional care at Karmanos,” John says. “If patients can have those three things, they can reach their p...

Advancing Cancer Care

Karmanos Cancer Institute is the only National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated comprehensive cancer center in metro Detroit. That means patients can access treatments exclusive to Karmanos, including innovative care, cancer prevention programs and multidisciplinary teams of cancer specialists — an unmatched comprehensive approach.

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