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Who We Are

Karmanos Cancer Institute, headquartered in Detroit, understands that beating cancer means bringing together the best. Cancer is a complex disease that demands complex care. With 16 locations throughout Michigan and proudly a part of McLaren Health Care, Karmanos is the largest provider of cancer care and research in the state. Cancer patients have increased access to advanced cancer care in communities throughout the state. This provides an extra level of comfort and peace of mind to patients and their families, knowing they can receive the best care locally.

Caring for approximately 12,000 new patients annually and conducting more than 800 cancer-specific scientific investigation programs and clinical trials, Karmanos is among the nation’s best cancer centers. Karmanos offers one of the largest clinical trials program in the nation, giving patients access to more than 250 promising new treatments often not found at other hospitals or health organizations.

Through the commitment of 1,000 staff, including nearly 300 faculty members, and supported by thousands of volunteer and financial donors, Karmanos strives to lead in transformative cancer care, research and education through courage, commitment and compassion. Our long-term partnership with the Wayne State University School of Medicine enhances the collaboration of critical research and academics related to cancer care.

Our Vision

A world free of cancer

Our Mission

To lead in transformative cancer care, research and education through courage, commitment and compassion

Why Choose Karmanos

We work with hundreds of doctors to arrange for convenient care for patients and families. Together, our cancer teams and your doctor can recommend the best treatment options with immediate access to the latest cancer-fighting drugs and therapies. At Karmanos we’ll make sure your first chance at beating cancer is your best chance toward a future free of cancer.

Advantages at Karmanos Cancer Institute

Cancer. It’s the word that changes everything, for patients and those who love them. At the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute, we are exclusively focused on providing our patients with every resource to give them their best chance at a favorable outcome. 

Setting the Standards for Patient Care

Statistics show our patients’ survival rates as better. Many of the latest cancer-fighting medications approved by the Food and Drug Administration were available to our patients first and we have expertise in more specific types of cancer than any other cancer center in Michigan.

Leading the fight against cancer

At Karmanos, we’re doing things to fight cancer that didn’t exist as far back as yesterday. While every hospital will do all that they can, we can do things other hospitals just can’t.


Advancing Cancer Care

Karmanos Cancer Center is the only National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated comprehensive cancer center in metro Detroit and one of just 51 centers of its kind in the United States. That means patients can access treatments exclusive to Karmanos as well as clinical trials, cancer prevention programs and multidisciplinary teams of cancer specialists — a comprehensive approach you cannot find at a community hospital. Because comprehensive cancer centers are at the forefront of cancer research, they can often handle patient cases that are more complex.

To receive the NCI designation, a hospital must demonstrate expertise in research, laboratory, clinical and population-based research. Hospitals must also provide early-phase clinical trials and conduct community outreach and educational activities. Karmanos is conducting more than 800 cancer-specific scientific investigation programs and clinical trials.

The scientific advances Karmanos researchers make every day help determine treatment options and guide treatment courses. We’re at the forefront of offering treatments that define the new standards of care. Our research programs, which are unique to Karmanos, are bringing safe, effective and groundbreaking treatments from the laboratory bench to the patient’s bedside. In fact, Karmanos offers more cancer treatments not found elsewhere in Michigan. 

NCI Designated Comprehensive Cancer Center

Your Best Chance to Beat Cancer

Over the course of our lifetimes, 1 in 2 men, and 1 in 3 women will receive a cancer diagnosis. Our physicians specialize in the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of specific types of cancer. In fact, the Karmanos Cancer Center is the only hospital in Michigan focused solely on cancer. That means we’re completely devoted to offering every patient the best treatment options that lead to the best possible outcomes.

Setting the standards for cancer care 

From groundbreaking research to the most up-to-date therapies and individualized treatment plans, Karmanos is truly leading the fight against cancer.

We’re committed to being at the forefront of cancer treatment and offering tomorrow’s standard of care today.


Since our physicians are leaders in these specialties, you can be assured of having access to the most advanced therapies available.

The breadth and depth of our knowledge, experience and individual expertise, coupled with our multidisciplinary team approach, makes Karmanos uniquely qualified to offer every patient the best chance for a successful outcome, and more precious time spent with loved ones, family and friends.

The Karmanos Advantage

  • Karmanos Publications – Hope Magazine, Clinical Trials Newsletter, e-friends offers readers stories about the people, technology and achievements that constitute Karmanos.
  • Community Partners – Karmanos is proud to be affiliated with community-minded businesses and organizations that help raise essential funds for cancer research
  • Partnership With Wayne State University – Karmanos’ basic science researchers and clinicians are all faculty members at Wayne State University School of Medicine, allowing the two groups to work together to break new ground in the cancer treatments.

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