Medical Oncology

When you or a loved one come to the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute to see a medical oncologist, you can rest assured that our oncologists are specialized in their specific field of cancer. In fact, Karmanos doctors treat all of the approximately 200 known types of cancer.

What is medical oncology?

Medical oncologists are doctors who have typically trained in the field of internal medicine and subspecialize in the treatment of cancer. They focus on the many aspects of cancer care, including choosing which drug therapy is most appropriate for a person’s cancer, managing the patient’s care and their possible side effects from treatment.

Because Karmanos oncologists see so many patients with specific cancers, which range from common to rare, our doctors are in a unique position to provide patients with the most appropriate options. They may include traditional cytotoxic therapies — either medications administered intravenously or with oral tablets. Karmanos also offers the newest forms of immunotherapy, which arms a person’s own immune system to fight cancer cells, as well as precision medicine specifically designed to treat a patient’s cancer.

The Karmanos Advantage

At Karmanos, a medical oncologist functions as a coordinator of care of a cancer patient, working alongside surgeons, radiation oncologists and other specialists who are needed for the management of cancer. Medical oncologists are also involved and very frequently leaders in conducting clinical trials of new drugs in cancer.

Medical oncologists also are involved in diagnostic testing. Part of their task is to better understand the behavior of cancer cells and to lead and champion the development of new cancer drugs. Although this field has become more complex with the development of many new therapies, this is where Karmanos oncologists excel. Our teams of oncologists see many patients with the same kinds of cancer every day.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment with a medical oncologist at Karmanos, please call 1-800-KARMANOS (1-800-527-6266) or request an appointment online.

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