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Paying for health services can often be stressful. We’re here to help. Whether you’re looking to make a payment on your account, learn more about what services may cost, or explore financial assistance options, we’re committed to giving you the resources you need.

Ways To Pay

McLaren offers payment options by phone, mail, and online.

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McLaren St. Luke's Online Bill Pay

Terms and Conditions

Call 1-800-591-8707 to pay by phone

Mail-in options

The best information for mail-in payments is located in your paper statement mailed to your home. For additional information, see below.

Subsidiary Payment Information

Mail In & Contact Information

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Online Bill Pay Stipulations

  • No online refunds are allowed for payments.
  • You are not purchasing any products by using this service - you are paying for your existing account.
  • Any overpayment on your account will be posted as a credit balance - to be applied to future statements.
  • Any underpayment on your account will result in a Balance Due on future statements.