Research Programs

Fundamental basic laboratory, clinical, and population research are the foundation for all of Karmanos Cancer Institute's Research Programs, which are ultimately directed toward the prevention, early detection or treatment of cancer.

Our Programs include: Tumor Biology and Microenvironment (TBM), Molecular Imaging (MI), Molecular Therapeutics (MT) and Population Studies and Disparities Research (PSDR).

The cancer focus is comprehensive, and encompasses etiology, epidemiology, and prevention, early detection (particularly focused on minority populations), basic and translational research, clinical care (based upon multidisciplinary teams) and clinical research (including investigator-initiated and cooperative group clinical trials).

The Latest From Karmanos Cancer Institute


Carl Pfadt: Fighting sarcoma, the forgotten cancer

Often called the “forgotten cancer,” sarcoma refers to more than 70 subtypes of cancer that affect the body’s connective tissue. "Sarcomas are rar...

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Karmanos researchers look to cancer studies to understand racial disparities in health care

Cancer and COVID-19 vary vastly in their classification, treatment and symptoms but the two have something in common: they are disproportionately ...

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Karmanos launches COVID-19, Cancer & Community survey to assess the impact of COVID-19 response on the health habits of Michiganders

Karmanos Cancer Institute has launched a survey to ask community members about their experiences with health care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Qu...

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