Meeting Community Needs

The communities served by McLaren Health Care facilities gain countless benefits through our programs and services that reach beyond the traditional scope of health care delivery. Our hospitals, clinics, research centers, hospices and home care programs offer community education programs, support groups, self-help and counseling opportunities, free or low-cost health screenings and immunizations, transportation services to and from our facilities, and many other services that meet vital community needs.

True to our mission of providing care to people regardless of their ability to pay, McLaren Health Care provided more than $220 million in uncompensated care for people unable to pay for services rendered.

Hospitals in the McLaren system extend far beyond the delivery of essential patient care to ensure healthier families, safer environments, earlier detection of disease and enhanced access to health care services. One of the primary benefits is the support of non-billed or reduced-fee clinics. More than $6 million worth of these services were donated to our communities last year, aiding more than 1/2 million individuals. Hand-in-hand with these advantages are those realized by reduced-fee or free pharmaceuticals and lab services.

Beyond such services and programs, our many locations deliver much more to our communities, such as secure, high paying jobs, other related employment, and economic advantages like stable tax revenues. Our employees and physicians are also regular volunteers for community activities such as fund-raisers, blood drives and more.

Our Community Health Needs Assessment reports for each of our hospitals can be found by clicking on the links below.