Festive Fruit Punch

Warm summer days often call for extra fluid intake and they sometimes call for something extra cool and refreshing. Try this non-alcoholic sangria type punch to quench your thirst. The juice and frozen grapes add to your daily count of fruit servings.

24 oz. carbonated (sparkling water) - lemon or lime flavored
24 oz. sparkling grape juice
24 oz. apple juice
16 oz. cranberry juice cocktail
8- 16 oz. pink grapefruit juice (optional)
3 dozen grapes (any kind)
slices lime, orange and lemon

Put grapes in a single layer in a pan and put in the freezer overnight or until completely frozen. Chill the other ingredients and mix them in a punch bowl. Add the frozen grapes and slices or lime, orange and lemon for garnish. Makes about 3 quarts.