Non-Alcohol Drink Recipes

As more and more people are decreasing or eliminating the amount of alcohol they consume, it is always a good idea to have tasty non-alcoholic alternatives on hand for yourself or others. This is handy whether you're entertaining a group or providing a beverage for a neighbor who drops by.

It is always good to have these non-alcoholic standbys available: Variety of soda pop Bottled water Sparkling water (flavored or plain) or Club soda

The Non-alcoholic Bar

You may want to have these items on hand for a party:

Non-alcoholic Beer: There are many domestic and imported low alcohol beers with rich flavors. Remember, many of these have a small amount of alcohol; if you're trying to completely abstain from alcohol, these would not be good choices. Sparkling Grape Juice: Looks like wine and adds elegance and taste to any gathering. Serve in a wine glass.

Mixed Drinks:

How about some simple mixed beverages? Although most of the drink recipes listed below require only two or three ingredients, you will have the capability of making all of them by stocking the following ingredients for your non-alcoholic bar. Be creative! Orange Juice
Cranberry Juice
Tomato Juice
Lemon Juice
Lime Juice
Grape Juice
Orange Slices
Powdered Sugar
Club Soda
Tonic Water
Ginger Ale