Radiation Therapy at Karmanos Cancer Center

Radiation Therapy at Karmanos Cancer Center in Detroit, Michigan

The Radiation Oncology Team at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Center in Detroit offers innovative care, expert skill and proven technology that sets us apart from other hospitals. Our radiation oncologists specialize precision medicine, and we create a customized treatment for each patient in our care.

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We are leaders in the multidisciplinary team approach that has proven to be so valuable in effective radiation oncology treatment. Through interaction with specialist physicians, physicists, technicians, oncologists, researchers, nurses, social workers and support staff, Karmanos patients receive the crucial touch that makes care both effective and reassuring.

To schedule a consultation and to receive more information about radiation therapy at Karmanos Cancer Center in downtown Detroit, please call 1-800-KARMANOS (1-800-527-6266).

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