Cancer Is a Beginning | Karmanos' Brand Campaign Revealed

A cancer diagnosis isn’t an ending; it’s the start of a new journey that can reshape everything.

Undergoing treatment can transform values, behaviors and beliefs. People tend to become more compassionate, empathetic and understanding. Often, patients share that they tend to see life very differently during and after treatment. Our ambitions shift and become less important, and priorities reorient toward the essential human experience.


That’s why Karmanos Cancer Institute created a brand campaign of connection — a place that feels natural and real yet woven together with a delicate thread of wonder. We not only care for our patients, but we empathize with them and their experiences. Their joys become our joys. Their sorrows, our sorrows. Their laughs, our laughs. It was essential for us to share their voice and perspective throughout this campaign.

The scope and storyline bring you to a place that is profound, powerful and full of energy for life beyond cancer. Each moment feels epic and intimate all at once, interlaced with different textures and locations from around the state of Michigan — speaking to the breadth of the world as seen through a patient’s eyes. These distinct moments add up to a much larger narrative about the beauty of a new beginning when brought together.


We invite viewers to think bigger, think wider. Think of an initial cancer diagnosis as being a chance to win. The loudest sound in the world is the whisper that comes from inside, pushing you to achieve possibilities that once seemed impossible.

And when it’s the moment to celebrate the end of cancer treatments, there is laughter and crying and movement and stillness - a myriad of experiences reaching to a crescendo in the ringing of the bell at Karmanos. It’s not just with relief; it’s also with pride, wonder and a new lens to view the journey ahead.

Cancer is a beginning.

Because, it’s our calling to give you your best chance forward.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

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