Izabela Podgorski, Ph.D. awarded 2022 Charles H. Gershenson Distinguished Faculty Fellowship

Izabela Podgorski, Ph.D., professor of Pharmacology at Wayne State University (WSU) and co-leader of the Prostate Cancer Research Team at Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute, is awarded this year’s Charles H. Gershenson Distinguished Faculty Fellowship.

The honor distinguishes faculty members whose work is nationally recognized. Dr. Podgorski’s area of research interest and expertise is in the role of bone microenvironment in the progression of bone-trophic cancers, specifically metastatic prostate and kidney tumors. Her work has been instrumental in establishing the link between bone marrow adiposity, tumor growth and aggressiveness in bone. Dr. Podgorski and her team are investigating how fat cells, which are abundantly present in bone marrow, drive metabolic adaptation and chemoresistance. This two-year fellowship will provide additional support for Dr. Podgorski’s ongoing research objectives focused on understanding the biology of metastatic prostate cancer and exploring new targets for therapy to improve outcomes for men with metastatic disease.  

The Charles H. Gershenson Distinguished Faculty Fellowship was started by the WSU Board of Governors in 1985. Charles H. Gershenson was a former member of the Board of Governors. Since 1985, 91 Charles H. Gershenson Fellowships and 94 Board of Governors Fellowships have been awarded.