Karmanos awarded bronze for Integrated Campaign of the Year

Modern Healthcare and Ad Age has recognized the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute with the Bronze Award for Integrated Campaign of the Year for the latest installment of the “Inspire” campaign. The award was given as part of the 2023 Healthcare Marketing Impact Awards.

Karmanos partnered with Fusion92, a marketing agency, for the latest era of the “Inspire” campaign to showcase a cancer patient’s perspective on everyday life and activities. The campaign took viewers on a journey and included digital, television, radio and print elements. The visuals reveal a cancer survivor’s life, starting with the survivor running backward on Michigan sand dunes. The camera quickly takes viewers back in time through memories with friends and family, difficult moments, and when the survivor rings the victory bell as she finishes her cancer treatments at Karmanos. Throughout the imagery, Karmanos’ role plays in successful patient outcomes and the importance of a positive mindset are displayed. The social campaign drove more than 33,000 visitors to karmanos.org/inspire.

“We are honored by the recognition from Modern Healthcare and Ad Age for Karmanos’ ‘Inspire’ campaign,” expressed Tamara Collins, vice president of Marketing and Business Development. “This award underscores our commitment to not just treating cancer but to understanding and sharing the profound human journey of our patients, resulting in a campaign that doesn't just tell a story but also resonates with the hope and determination we see in our patients daily.”

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The Healthcare Marketing Impact Awards recognizes advertising, marketing, and communication campaigns that promote high-quality, affordable, and accessible health care by providers, insurers, and suppliers. Learn more about the 2023 Healthcare Marketing Impact Awards here.