The best thing about a colonoscopy: You only need one every 10 years

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Originally published with Detroit Free Press.

If you are getting ready to celebrate your 45th birthday, or turned 45 during the pandemic, now is the time to schedule a consultation with a Karmanos specialist.

Many patients had to put off colorectal cancer screenings due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, according to a recent peer-reviewed study in Medicina, a scientific journal. Michigan halted specific procedures, and physician offices had to close as the state worked to limit the spread of COVID-19. With primary care and specialized offices closed, the number of referrals for colonoscopies declined and patient screening appointments were rescheduled or canceled due to the temporary shutdown. After two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, physicians notice a rise in the diagnosis of late-stage colorectal cancers due to the delay in screening.

You may not have followed up on a recommendation before the pandemic to receive a colorectal screening for many reasons. Maybe you have ongoing COVID-19 concerns and have decided not to be in a health care setting unless there is an emergency. Or perhaps a lot of time has passed since you received your referral, which would require you to revisit with your provider to receive another referral for a colonoscopy.

Whatever your reasoning, Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute makes it easy for patients to return to their routine colorectal cancer screenings. You can schedule an appointment online for a colorectal screening consultation with one of the specialists at Karmanos Cancer Center in Detroit or Karmanos Cancer Institute at Lawrence and Idell Weisberg Cancer Center in Farmington Hills. During your consultation, you and the specialist will discuss your health history, determine which colon screening test is the best option for you and you will receive instructions on when your screening needs to occur.

What to Expect During a Colonoscopy

A colonoscopy catches colon cancer early. It is also the only cancer screening that includes prevention. During a colonoscopy, gastroenterologists at Karmanos screen for cancer and look for possible signs of potential cancer, like polyps. Polyps are a non-cancerous growth that can eventually turn into cancer. The specialist can eradicate the abnormal tissue if a polyp is discovered during the colonoscopy.

Should You Receive a Colonoscopy?

People who have an increased risk for developing colorectal cancer should schedule a colon screening consultation, including those who:

  • Are 45 years old or older
  • Have a family history of colorectal cancer or genetic factors, such as Lynch Syndrome
  • Have a personal account of colorectal cancer or polyps
  • Have Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), also known as Crohn’s disease or Ulcerative Colitis

Patients usually do not experience symptoms in the early stages of colorectal cancer. A colonoscopy could help prevent cancer or catch the disease early for the best treatment outcome.

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