5th-graders bring the spirit of the holidays to Lansing oncology patients

Dana Agnew received devastating news last year, she had breast cancer. Like most people who are diagnosed with cancer, she started treatment right away. Her daughter was a fifth grader at Our Savior Lutheran at the time.

“My daughter’s fifth grade teacher, Kate List, reached out to me when she found out I was fighting cancer. The whole school really took me under its wing and made sure that I didn’t fight alone,” said Agnew. “The children prayed and wrote cards for me all year long.”

List also reached out to Agnew and said the fifth graders wanted to do something special for her fellow cancer fighters during the holidays. The pair decided it would be nice to have the class sing Christmas carols and make cards for the patients receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

“The staff at the Breslin Cancer Center and Our Savior Lutheran scheduled the kids to come in on a Wednesday that I was receiving treatment,” said Agnew. “It was really special that my daughter was able to come to the hospital with her classmates and sing to all of us during our treatments.”

The staff at the Breslin Cancer Center, Our Savior Lutheran and the Karmanos Cancer Center at McLaren Greater Lansing Radiation Oncology Services were all so moved by the kids caroling that they all wanted to have the kids come back again this year.

“My treatments are complete and there is no evidence of cancer,” said Agnew. “I still come in for routine check-ups and in June I scheduled my checkup for December. It just worked out that it was the same time the carolers were here. It was God’s timing.”

The handmade cards the students make are the extra-special touch that patients can take home with them to remind them of the special day.

“I still have the card that my daughter’s friend made me last year that read ‘No hair, no care,’ and I hope that the patients this year find as much joy and hope from the cards as I did.”

If you or a loved one is fighting cancer, visit www.karmanos.org to learn more about they can help.

If you or a loved one is fighting cancer, visit www.karmanos.org to learn more about they can help.