WWJ | 5-year colon cancer survivor tells her story


Tenia Brim is a five-year colon cancer survivor. She shares her story during WWJ’s Eye on Health segment, detailing months of symptoms and misdiagnoses. She was finally diagnosed with cancer and decided to have surgery to remove the tumor. When she moved back to Michigan, she learned the cancer had spread and advanced to stage IV. Because of Brim’s tumor genetic makeup, her new medical oncologist, Najeeb Al Hallak, M.D., MS, member of the Gastrointestinal and Neuroendocrine Oncology and Phase 1 Clinical Trials Multidisciplinary Teams at Karmanos Cancer Institute, explained a clinical trial that uses immunotherapy to prompt her immune cells to fight cancer. Brim decided to participate in the trial. Her treatment was successful and there is no sign of cancer.

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