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  • In partnership with the Karmanos Diversity & Inclusion Committee and Office of Cancer Health Equity and Community Engagement, the American Indian Cancer Foundation shared information about cancer and Indigenous communities expanding cultural understanding for providers, staff and community members.

    Melissa Buffalo, CEO and Deputy Director, and Wyatt Pickner, Research Manager, from the American Indian Cancer Foundation led the 90 minute presentation on Monday, July 12th.

    The session covered cancer incidence and mortality, cancer health disparities and community needs, cancer prevention and policy from an Indigenous lens and historical perspectives of medical mistrust within Indigenous communities.


  • Book Focus: "White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism" by Robin DiAngelo

    Learn more about the Karmanos Health Equity Book Club here.


  • June is National Cancer Survivor Month. This month and year-round, Karmanos celebrates all of the incredible and brave cancer survivors. #YourBestChance


  • Bob - Prostate Cancer Patient at McLaren Proton Therapy Center


  • This webinar discusses:

    • Are COVID-19 vaccines safe and effective for people with cancer?
    • Is one vaccine better for cancer patients/survivors?
    • Can I get vaccinated against COVID-19 while being actively treated for cancer?
    • What are the side effects of the vaccine for people with cancer?


    • Sanjay Revankar, M.D. - Professor, Clinical Educator Program Director, Infectious Diseases Fellowship Program, Karmanos Cancer Institute, Wayne State University
    • Shawna Kraft, PharmD, BCOP - Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Michigan Medicine
    • Rosie Ingebritson, LMSW- Program Director, Cancer Support Community of Greater Ann Arbor
    • Megan Landry - Cancer Control Strategic Partnerships Manager, American Cancer Society


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  • Karmanos Cancer Institute is committed to delivering outstanding and equitable medical care to every patient we serve, as well as their caregivers and family members. This commitment requires us to provide support and empowerment within and beyond the scope of medicine. The purpose of the Health Equity Book Club is to enhance awareness of systematic racism, inequality and misinformation within the medical community. This is achieved through research and reading followed by honest and transparent conversations about difficult topics. Join us as we explore ways in which we can address and respond to issues of disparities in health care delivery to enhance outcomes and better serve all patients.

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  • In this webinar event, experts from the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute discuss colorectal cancer, facts and prevention. Additionally, Karmanos’ process for surgical oncology, colonoscopies and screening methods are explained.

    • M. Najeeb Al Hallak, M.D., MS: Gastrointestinal Oncologist, Karmanos Cancer Institute
    • Steve Kim, M.D., FACS: Surgical Oncologist, Karmanos Cancer Institute
    • Thomas Kelly, M.D.: Gastroenterologist, Karmanos Cancer Institute

    This webinar covers key information regarding:

    • Colorectal cancer, facts and prevention
    • Surgical oncology overview and process
    • Colonoscopies and Karmanos' screening methods
    • Patient testimony
    • Q&A