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  • Karmanos Cancer Institute is committed to delivering outstanding and equitable medical care to every patient we serve, as well as their caregivers and family members. This commitment requires us to provide support and empowerment within and beyond the scope of medicine. The purpose of the Health Equity Book Club is to enhance awareness of systematic racism, inequality and misinformation within the medical community. This is achieved through research and reading followed by honest and transparent conversations about difficult topics. Join us as we explore ways in which we can address and respond to issues of disparities in health care delivery to enhance outcomes and better serve all patients.

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  • In this webinar event, experts from the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute discuss colorectal cancer, facts and prevention. Additionally, Karmanos’ process for surgical oncology, colonoscopies and screening methods are explained.

    • M. Najeeb Al Hallak, M.D., MS: Gastrointestinal Oncologist, Karmanos Cancer Institute
    • Steve Kim, M.D., FACS: Surgical Oncologist, Karmanos Cancer Institute
    • Thomas Kelly, M.D.: Gastroenterologist, Karmanos Cancer Institute

    This webinar covers key information regarding:

    • Colorectal cancer, facts and prevention
    • Surgical oncology overview and process
    • Colonoscopies and Karmanos' screening methods
    • Patient testimony
    • Q&A


  • The Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute invites health care professionals, including trainees and students, as well as community members to participate in the second installment of its Health Equity Book Club.

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  • Cervical cancer expert Radhika Gogoi, M.D., Ph.D. explains the signs and symptoms of the disease, as well as how to screen for and prevent cervical cancer.


  • Karmanos Lung Cancer Expert Hirva Mamdani, M.D. and Radiologist Nithin Thummala, M.D. discuss lung cancer and lung cancer screening topics including:

    • Lung cancer, facts, prevention and screening
    • Lung Cancer Screening Program (LCSP), including an overview, history and process
    • Audience questions


  • This webinar was the first of a two-part series hosted by Wayne State University School of Medicine focusing on the importance of incorporating discussions around gender identity, gender expression and sexuality into primary care visits, specifically LGBTQ identity and sex positivity.

    The LGBTQ population is disproportionately affected by health disparities due to social stigma, discrimination, and continued denial of their civil human rights. These disparities are exacerbated by avoiding or postponing seeing doctors due to fear of discrimination. Including open and honest discussion of patient sexuality creates a more inviting environment for LGBTQ patients and makes health care more accessible to this population.

    This first webinar focused on LGBTQ health disparities and ways to ensure a safe, affirming patient-centered environment. This webinar was presented by OCHECE's very own Dr. Hayley Thompson, Forrest Hossea, Dr. Truman Hudson and Knoll Larkin.


  • Traditionally grand rounds are presentations and conversations for doctors and scientists. Community Grand Rounds will open these conversations up to everybody, bringing scientists, researchers, doctors and community members together.

    Join us to learn more about the Catch-up grant from Dr. Tony Shields. Project Catch-up, short for Create Access to Targeted Cancer Therapy for Underserved Populations, is a grant from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) that will help support the Institute’s clinical trials focusing on under-resourced populations in Detroit and rural areas that Karmanos serves.

    This session is moderated by representatives from our Research and Advocacy Consortium (RAC) and Cancer Action Councils (CACs)


  • We are here to be partners with our referring providers and give their patients the best care we can offer.

    Working together, we offer patients their best chance.


  • We understand that a patient’s mind, body, emotions and spirit must all receive attention during cancer treatments. From the natural light that pours in through enormous windows, to the inspiring views of the meditation garden and the calming artwork, great attention has been paid to creating an uplifting, positive environment for patients and their families. Here the focus is on healing the whole patient in an inviting, comfortable atmosphere. The Weisberg Cancer Treatment Center is located on Northwestern Highway, west of Middlebelt, in Farmington Hills.


  • John Wallbillich, M.D., member of the Gynecologic Oncology Multidisciplinary Team at Karmanos discusses how Karmanos is here for patients in their fight against gynecologic cancers.