Karmanos researchers study personalization of hormone-positive breast cancer treatment

Researchers at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute have published a review article in the American Journal of Clinical Oncology on the standard of care for hormone receptor-positive, early-stage breast cancer. The study, “A Review of Endocrine Therapy in Early-Stage Breast Cancer: The Journey from Crudeness to Precision,” discusses how treatment models for hormone-positive breast cancer need to be more personalized.

“This article summarizes the milestone trials of a new era in treating hormone-positive breast cancer with more precision medicine involved by focusing on testing the tumor sensitivity to treatment before surgery so we can predict future outcomes,” said Jailan Elayoubi, M.D., medical oncologist, member of the Breast Cancer, Phase 1 Clinical Trials and Sarcoma Oncology Multidisciplinary Teams, and member of the Population Studies and Disparities Research Program at Karmanos.

Co-authors of the published article include Karmanos and Wayne State University researchers Jie Chi, M.D., Abdurahman Alloghbi, M.D., Hadeel Assad, M.D., Malathy Shekhar, Ph.D., and Michael Simon, M.D., MPH, along with Amr A. Mahmoud, M.D., of Kafr Elshiekh University in Egypt.

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Jailan Elayoubi, M.D.