How a preemptive cancer screening helped save this doctor’s life

Lung cancer survivor encourages others to quit smoking and advocates for cancer screenings

WDET - Susie Lawrence, Ph.D. says joining the Lung Cancer Screening Program at Karmanos led to her survival.

During National Cancer Survivor’s Month in June, Susie Lawrence, Ph.D. shared how she found out she had lung cancer with WDET. As a decades-long smoker whose father died of lung cancer, Dr. Lawrence thought her cough was normal until a health care specialist asked her about her personal and family health history. She was referred to the Lung Cancer Screening Program at Karmanos Cancer Institute.

“The fact that I was in the screening program, I was totally asymptomatic,” Dr. Lawrence told WDET. “People with lung cancer often are until it’s quite advanced. The screening and the timing of it happening really are what I would attribute my survival.”

Listen and read Dr. Lawrence’s full interview, here.

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