Karmanos Cancer Institute partners with The Toledo Clinic to establish a new cancer center in Northwest Ohio

Collaboration provides convenient access to world-class cancer care in one location

The Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute is pleased to announce that it has entered into a partnership with The Toledo Clinic to establish a new cancer center in Maumee, Ohio.

Under this partnership, Karmanos will operate the radiation oncology program at a new freestanding cancer center outside of Toledo, Ohio. Together, Karmanos and The Toledo Clinic will provide medical oncology services with multidisciplinary clinics, diagnostic imaging, pharmacy, laboratory, genetic counseling and social work services in 22 exam rooms and 24 infusion bays. These services will give patients increased access to advanced cancer care and clinical trials. The innovative facility is expected to treat its first patients in the spring of 2022. 

A bold and ambitious collaboration for cancer treatment

“This partnership represents a bold and ambitious collaboration for cancer treatment and research in Lucas County and northwest Ohio,” said Justin Klamerus, M.D., president of the Karmanos Cancer Hospital & Network. “Our colleagues at The Toledo Clinic share a common vision with the entire team at Karmanos: use the very latest in treatment modalities combined with access to ‘bench-to-bedside’ clinical trials and precision medicine to achieve the goal of eradicating cancer.”

By working together, Karmanos and The Toledo Clinic are expanding the reach of Karmanos’ life-saving resources into Ohio for the first time. Karmanos is one of only 51 National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers in the country. Bringing this prestigious designation and the care that follows will empower patients in northern Ohio who need cancer care by consolidating services into one convenient location. 

“Having the Karmanos Cancer Institute bring the third NCI designation to Ohio is very important,” said Mike D’Eramo, Chief Administrative Officer of The Toledo Clinic. “With that designation comes a significant increase in research protocols and clinical trials, as well as continued efforts to improve the standard of care in cancer treatment.”

NCI-designated comprehensive cancer centers are characterized by scientific excellence and the capability to integrate diverse research approaches with a focus on curing cancer. They play a vital role in advancing the goal of reducing morbidity and mortality from cancer. 

Karmanos offers one of the most extensive clinical trials programs in America, giving patients access to more than 250 promising new treatments. Many of the latest cancer-fighting medications approved by the Food and Drug Administration were available to Karmanos patients first. Collaboration between Karmanos and The Toledo Clinic means that innovative cancer care will be easily accessible to patients.

The patient experience is the top priority in the partnership and building design. Dr. Klamerus explained, “Not only can patients receive care in their own backyard, they will also be able to get all the services they need under one roof. Our collaboration brings together every element of care from the lab, to the pharmacy, to imaging and the infusion center”. 

Patients will benefit from the most up-to-date therapies and individualized, evidence-based clinical care plans, which are cornerstones of patient care at Karmanos. The Maumee teams will work collaboratively across the continuum of care to ensure that patients have the expertise of many providers without the burden of multiple appointments. Additionally, telemedicine visits and critical auxiliary services, such as virtual support groups, social services and art therapy, will be accessible through this partnership. Patients treated at the new facility will also be able to obtain a wide variety of educational, spiritual, nutrition and palliative care services to ensure that they and their families have the support needed to ensure positive outcomes. All aspects of treatment are designed to facilitate an atmosphere of healing and empower patients on every level.

“Cancer is a heavy burden. When patients can be treated for cancer close to home, it makes a big difference. Not only are they able to reduce travel time, they can stay connected to their friends and family,” said Dr. Klamerus. “Knowing that world-class care is available nearby will have a tremendous impact on those seeking cancer care in Northwest Ohio.”

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