Bringing Sexy Back: Why Gender Identity and Sexuality Are Essential in Routine Primary Care


This webinar was the first of a two-part series hosted by Wayne State University School of Medicine focusing on the importance of incorporating discussions around gender identity, gender expression and sexuality into primary care visits, specifically LGBTQ identity and sex positivity.

The LGBTQ population is disproportionately affected by health disparities due to social stigma, discrimination, and continued denial of their civil human rights. These disparities are exacerbated by avoiding or postponing seeing doctors due to fear of discrimination. Including open and honest discussion of patient sexuality creates a more inviting environment for LGBTQ patients and makes health care more accessible to this population.

This first webinar focused on LGBTQ health disparities and ways to ensure a safe, affirming patient-centered environment. This webinar was presented by OCHECE's very own Dr. Hayley Thompson, Forrest Hossea, Dr. Truman Hudson and Knoll Larkin.