Eisenberg Center for Translational Therapeutics

Eisenberg Center for Translational Therapeutics

The Eisenberg Center for Translational Therapeutics houses the Phase I Clinical Trials Program at the Karmanos Cancer Center in Detroit. The program is the only one of its kind in Michigan.

Members of Karmanos’ Phase I Clinical-Pharmacology Multidisciplinary Team conduct clinical research studies with new investigational cancer drugs . Phase I trials are the first stage of clinical trials in the careful process of developing new cancer treatments. A typical Phase I clinical trial evaluates how a new drug should be given, either orally or injected into the blood, how often and what dosage is safe. A Phase I trial is often the first time a drug has been given to human, or the first time a new drug has been given to a human in combination with another standard cancer treatment. Because we are working with new drugs, most Phase I trials only enroll a small number of patients.

The Eisenberg Center was created thanks to the generosity of Frances and Kenneth Eisenberg. Their special $1 million challenge, in connection with Karmanos Partners, helped raise funding for the center as well as the relocation and expansion of the Phase I Program.


The Center is located across from the Wertz Clinic at the Karmanos Cancer Center’s main campus in midtown Detroit. If you are a new patient, please check in at the patient registry in the main lobby of the Karmanos Cancer Center, just beyond valet parking. If you are a returning patient, enter Karmanos and follow the signs to the Eisenberg Center. If you enter Karmanos from valet parking, you do not need to stop at the Karmanos registration desk in the main lobby.

More Information

For more information about the Eisenberg Center for Translational Therapeutics or the Phase I Clinical Trials Program at Karmanos, call 1-800-KARMANOS (1-800-527-6266).