Patient and Visitor Information

Patient and Visitor Information
Karmanos at McLaren Thumb Region


Hot Beverages/Vending Machines/Places to Eat

Free coffee and tea are available in the lobby or cafeteria. Vending machines are located near the cafeteria. The cafeteria is open from 6:30 a.m.– 5:30 p.m. There are a variety of local eateries that are available in the area. Please ask any staff member for more information on your local options.


Free parking is available for your convenience. Multiple handicapped spaces are available for use. Wheelchairs are accessible for use during your visit to the cancer center; these are located just inside the lobby entrance.

No Smoking / Help Quitting Tobacco

Karmanos Cancer Institute campuses are non-smoking campuses. Counseling is offered free of charge to help quit tobacco at the Michigan Tobacco Quit line. 1-800-QUIT-NOW.

Internet Access

WiFi is available free of charge. You can connect to the WiFi simply by choosing “guest” as the option on your phone, tablet or laptop.


PET/CT are nuclear imaging scans that helps detect diseases and cancer in your body. These services require a physician’s order. PET/CT services are not available at this location, but staff will help to schedule these tests.

Lab Services

Laboratory services are available on-site to provide convenient care

Resources and Support

While you and your family adjust to a new cancer diagnosis, staff members are committed to helping you understand and manage your cancer treatments. We are pleased to offer individualized and personal support.

Cancer Care Nursing Team

Our nursing staff in medical and radiation oncology work hand-in-hand with patients, their families, caregivers, medical staff and the community to assure that an appropriate plan of care is developed and implemented to meet the needs of the patients. The nursing staff works collaboratively to educate patients and schedule medical care. Many of our nurses specialize in oncology (cancer) care and are designated Oncology Certified Nurses (OCN). Your cancer care team also includes medical assistants who work directly with your physicians and nurses.

Education and Cancer Resource Center

Cancer patients and their caregivers have access to the Cancer Resource Center, located in the lobby. This patient resource center is designed specifically to assist the cancer patients with their journey and need for information and resources. Topics include information on the diagnosis, treatment of cancer and coping with side effects. Literature, videotapes, DVD’s and a lending library provide useful information and tools.

Genetic Counseling

The Cancer Genetic Counseling Service at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Center involves documenting detailed personal and family history, conducting a personalized risk assessment and discussing your genetic testing options. The goal is to help you understand your cancer risk and the chance that cancer might be passed along through the genes in your family (risk assessment). This information can also help you to become more involved in ways to reduce your risk by modifying your lifestyle and developing a personalized screening and treatment plan.

Nutrition Counseling

Your nutritional needs vary depending on your disease, cancer treatment and your metabolism. It is important to know that not everyone has difficulty with nutrition during treatment. If you have any questions about nutrition or how to eat during your cancer care, please discuss with your physician or nurse. They may refer you to speak with a registered dietitian who can help address your needs. In addition, the resource room has general information on healthy eating habits to support you during your treatment and beyond. To learn more about nutrition counseling, please call 989-269-9521, ext. 4472

Physical Therapy, Sports Medicine and Fitness

We provide comprehensive, individualized treatments to help patients decrease pain and improve function after injury, surgery or illness. Services include:

  • Lymphedema therapy (by referral)
  • Pelvic floor strengthening,
  • Fall prevention and strengthening and rehabilitation

Spiritual and Pastoral Care

A sense of meaning, purpose and connection beyond oneself can help to improve quality of life, and to put problems in perspective. Each person’s spiritual beliefs and experiences are nurtured in different ways.

Support/Educational Groups

Support and educational groups provide an opportunity to network, learn and alleviate feelings of isolation. Support groups are available in Mt. Pleasant and surrounding communities. Please ask your nursing staff for additional information.

Support Services

While you and your family adjust to a new cancer diagnosis, we’d like you to know, that the staff at Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Thumb Region are committed to helping you understand and manage your cancer treatment. We are pleased to offer individualized and personal support in our community.

The oncology staff wants to help you address the psychosocial needs of the patient and their families during all phases of cancer treatment. Areas of support include:

  • Counseling — individual, family and support groups
  • Problem solving and coping strategies
  • Advanced Directives: Making decisions about future care.
  • Coordinating care needs
  • Education about resources and linking to community programs
  • Financial assistance and disability program information – please speak to your nursing staff.
  • Advocacy

You may reach our nursing staff at 989-269-5786 or social services at 989-975-3248.

Wig Services for Women

Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for women in treatment. Wig selection and fitting of one new or gently used wigs is available within our community

To schedule a wig fitting and for more information, please speak with our nursing staff. Please visit the American Cancer Society website for assistance at or call 1-800-ACS-2345.

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