Overview of Karmanos Cancer Institute Catchment Area (KCI-CA)

Overview of Karmanos Cancer Institute Catchment Area (KCI-CA)

KCI catchment area data is currently being updated. New and updated data will be available by late September 2023. Please contact the Office of Cancer Health Equity and Community Engagement (cancerhealthequity@karmanos.org) if any information is needed immediately.

Community engagement

The Research and Advocacy Consortium (RAC) is a growing network of faith-based, social service, and public health organizations throughout KCI’s 46 county catchment area as formal members and partners (Figure 19). These organizations, which together serve millions of Michigan residents, have committed to supporting evidence-based interventions to improve cancer outcomes; aid in the dissemination of and implementation of research discoveries and innovations; and support the implementation of cancer-relevant health policy recommendations. RAC members meet several times a year as an entire consortium.

Michigan Cancer HealthLink is a community-academic partnership to increase research capacity in local communities. The HealthLink model is informed by a participatory research approach in which researchers and community members collaborate on an ongoing basis in an iterative process of problem definition, problem solving, building research and programmatic skills, and broadening and deepening relationships. Michigan Cancer HealthLink is represented by a network of Cancer Action Councils (CACs), groups of cancer survivors, caregivers, and advocates who use knowledge of their respective communities to inform local cancer-related research (Figure 20).

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Last updated: 8/31/2023